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Cellophane Wrap

Located at Singapore’s 7 Fourth Chin Bee Road, HMLY Pte. Ltd. Has been supplying a wide array of Wraps and Packaging across the country since 1993. This includes Shrink Wraps, Pouch Packaging, Packaging Bags and even Cellophane Wraps, to name a few.

The latter is transparent and thin. It is also known as Cellophane Paper or Cello Wrap, for short and is usually used for packaging and food wrappings.



    Cellophane Wraps are often confused with plastic wraps. They’re actually made from different materials. Whilst Plastic Wraps are made out of oil, our Cellophane Wraps are formed via natural sources like wood from farmed or hemp trees thus making it an eco-friendly alternative.
    They are also 100% compostable and biodegradable.
    All our Cellophane Wraps have low permeability to moisture, grease, oil, oxygen and even bacteria making it entirely splash-proof, waterproof and the ideal option to encase your food with.
    The ability to prevent grease and bacteria from seeping in enables you to stow away your food without having to worry if it’ll become moldy anytime soon.
    Anything edible that are stored using our Cellophane Wraps will be able to last longer as compared to those that have been stored using ordinary packaging which wasn’t made to deter bacteria, grease, water and more, unlike our Cellophane Wraps.
    As previously mentioned, our Cellophane Wraps are waterproof.
    Gone are the days whereby food that were brought along outdoors have ended up being mushy due to bottle leakage or a heavy downpour. Those looking for packaging that protects your food regardless of the weather need not look any further.
    With our Cellophane Wraps, all your food will be able to remain intact and dry.


  • Experience
    Equipped with over 20 years of experience in this industry, it is safe to say anything ordered from us be it Wraps or Packaging, are in safe hands.

For more information on our Cellophane Wraps, simply give us a call at +65 62617673.