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Clear Cellophane Wrap

Here in HMLY Pte. Ltd., we specialize in Packaging and Wrappings of all sorts. This includes Stand Up Pouch, Pouch Packaging, Shrink Wraps and even Clear Cellophane Wraps, to name a few.
The latter is usually used to wrap wine bottles or hampers and are thin and transparent.




    Our Clear Cellophane Wraps are semi-permeable when it comes to moisture.
    Hence, this enables a breathable environment from within these Wraps, making it the ideal option for things that ought to be wrapped but require oxygen, like flowers and plants.
    The word ‘Cello’ from Cellophane comes from ‘Cellulose’ as it is a wrap that is made out of regenerated Cellulose making it entirely plant-based. It uses natural sources unlike other wraps like those that are made out of Plastic.
    It is also 100% biodegradable, can be recycled and will not decay over time.
    Clear Cellophane Wraps are, like its name suggests, clear visually. Thus, anything wrapped using Clear Cellophane Wraps can be seen clearly even from afar.
    This will come in handy for hampers and wine bottles that are usually wrapped by Clear Cellophane Wraps to shield it from dust, bacteria, and whatnots.
    You are able to see which hamper or wine bottle tickles your fancy without the need to tear anything apart for visual inspection as compared to packaging that prevents you from seeing how the actual products are like from within.
    Clearly viewable Wraps like our Clear Cellophane Wraps also helps when it comes to quality.
    Customers will not only be able to easily view anything under those Wraps but will be able to enjoy products that are far from deteriorated in terms of quality too.
    This is thanks to our Clear Cellophane Wraps having low permeability to water, oil, air, and bacteria.
    All our Clear Cellophane Wraps are reusable and washable.



  • Experience
    Formed in 1993, we pride ourselves with our experience that goes beyond 20 years come 2019, for it gives us the competitive edge against competitors.
  • Optimal Cost
    Everything from HMLY is sold at an optimal price.

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