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Heat Shrink Wrap

A specialist in shrink wrapping, HMLY was established in 1993 and has proved itself an experienced company. Due to that, HMLY has built its foundations with support from customers as well as its product’s assured quality.

HMLY produce many products related to packaging such as shrink wrap films and shrink wrap rolls. However, HMLY’s knowledge also extends to pouch packaging, cellophane wraps, and even heat shrink wraps.


Wrapping an object in shrink wrap – while indeed adding a layer of protection – is not the only component that allows the object to be protected.

Adding heat to a shrink wrap allows the shrink wrap to seal itself around the object incredibly tightly, no matter the object’s size. Hence, the object is then remotely sealed off from anything that might contaminate it.

Why Choose HMLY?

  • Decades Of Experience
    With decades of experience at our fingertips, be assured that we handle every transaction with optimum customer service. HMLY has proudly built itself on the feedback of its customers, and rest assured that we are always improving and relying on our experience.
  • Best Prices
    Every product in HMLY is sold at the best possible pricing – that means that we scout the prices of packaging in the market and ensure that we are giving our customers the best ones possible while allowing them to purchase quality products.
  • Quality Products
    At HMLY, we continuously strive to create the most high-quality products for our customers as we believe that they deserve the best. Thus, we are careful in our sourcing of materials and the creation of our products.

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