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Packaging Bags

Packaging Bags | Pack Just About Everything

We’re hard-pressed thinking of one non-living thing that you can’t put in a bag. The range of packaging bags that HMLY offers boasts numerous practical variations in material, sizing and design. Unsure of what exactly to look out for when it comes to packaging bags? Read on.

Purchasing Packaging Bags? Two Key Considerations

Basic Functionality
As with the purchase of any product, functionality and your reasons for need are a top priority. When it comes to packaging bags which are typically bought in bulk, just about every minute consideration can matter. A mere centimetre could dictate the difference between a product that presented professionally and casually. If your packaging is meant to serve the function of adding durability rather than just to house a product, you might be looking at barrier bags, or crystal clear bags with increased thickness.
Packaging bags can also be adapted for very specific things. For instance, your bags can be food safe, and even heat sealed to retain the integrity of your product by making them tamper-proof. If your product is meant to go into mainstream retail avenues, you might even consider bags with a round hanging hole on top that might improve your placement in retail aisles.

The best way to make a cost-effective packaging is to make your packaging bags a part of your product as well. Here’s a great way to establish and affect the perceived value of your brand and its products. Packaging bags are a canvas that can convey personality and customisability.
Beyond sticking your logo on a packaging bag, you may also want to theme your packaging bags in accordance to the tone that you want to convey. Do you sell premium products? Consider a colour palette that resonates with your brand while conveying a luxurious feel. On the other hand, maybe you’re looking for your product to do all the talking and you just want a simple, clear packaging bag. Considering environmentally friendly options can also impart strong messaging with regards to your corporate social responsibility.

HMLY Has Got This In The Bag

Packaging bags can either the most thought consuming or braindead process, and we understand that fully. So whether it’s a simple order or an advisory process that you need for your packaging bags, we’re your best option.
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