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Plastic Shrink Wrap

Plastic shrink wrap, or also known as shrink wrap film, has many commercial and industrial purposes and is widely used across various industries. Established in 1993, HMLY has more than two decades of expertise in manufacturing plastic shrink wrap and has served countless satisfied customers.

Our customers’ utmost trust and support is a testament of our high-quality product standards. Coupled with optimal market prices and exceptional customer service, HMLY is the ideal choice for all your plastic shrink wrap and other end-of-the-line packaging needs!


Shrink wrap is commonly used to protect and package individual products or bundle multiple items together for ease of transportation and storage. There are two types of commonly used plastic shrink wraps in the market – PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and Polyolefin.

    Its applications in packaging are plentiful because it is lightweight, durable and inexpensive. Once sealed by shrink wrap, the items are protected from the damage that can be caused by dirt or moisture. From packaging small boxes to big electronic products and even in construction areas, the functionality and versatility of PVC shrink wrap is what make it so popular.
    Note that proper ventilation is essential when using PVC shrink wrap because toxic hydrogen chloride fumes may be emitted during the heat-sealing process.
    This FDA-approved food-safe packaging material has risen to become the preferred choice for packaging because polyolefin shrink films do not produce hydrogen chloride gas and it has lesser odours. Also, polyolefin shrink is not affected by heat and this creates a stronger and more flexible seal. This explains its increasing popularity in packaging despite being more costly, especially for edible and consumer products.
    Machine compatibility is required if you choose to use polyolefin shrink wrap. Contact our experience sales team to understand more.

Different applications require different types of shrink wrap, tools and machinery. The capabilities that we gained from the years of experience in manufacturing and supplying shrink wrap has given us a competitive edge over others. Our veteran team here at HMLY is confident of meeting all your shrink wrap packaging needs. For consultation or a quote, drop us an enquiry now!