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Pouch Packaging

Pouch packaging is very commonly used to pack food products and liquids because it is a convenient and inexpensive packing method. In fact, one can easily find pouch packages lining the supermarket shelves. With endless design options, these versatile pouch packages can be customised to create a strong visual impact on consumers.

Established since 1993, HMLY has grown to become a leading supplier of pouch packaging and other end-of-the-line plastic packaging through our technological advances in manufacturing. Be it small or big orders, let our professional team assist you and be your one-stop provider for all your pouch packaging needs!


Design Efficiency
Gone are the days of boring packaging. With the versatility of pouch packaging, a good and functional design can attract consumers and increase sales. Pouch packaging customisation comes in endless options such as resealable zippers, spouts at the top, stand up pouch designs and more. Of course, you can also choose your desired shape, size, colour and prints.
Keep in mind that a good pouch packaging design should also deliver operational efficiency in terms of storage and transportation.
Packaging Material
We supply a good range of pouch packing materials such as food-safe plastics, eco-friendly kraft paper and others. All these materials can be customised to various sizes as preferred. Durable yet flexible, our high-quality pouch packaging protects consumables from contamination by moisture, pests, air and dirt.
Cost Efficiency
Businesses are always looking to reduce costs so to maximise profits. One of the biggest costs is food packaging. Compared to paper boxes and metal tins, pouch packaging is a more cost-effective method. The soft flexible packaging bags also makes for more efficient storage which is another cost-saving factor.
Supplier Reliability
Trusted by customers for over two decades, HMLY is reputed for our high manufacturing standards, the ability to deliver orders on time and our excellent service level. Reliability is key when it comes to food packaging and our ethical work processes ensure that you can set your heart at ease.

Just like our extensive portfolio of repeat customers, think of HMLY when you are in need of good quality pouch packaging! Contact our friendly yet highly experienced customer service for a non-obligatory consultation today!