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Shrink Wrap Film

Established in 1993, HMLY Pte Ltd has remained a trusted specialist in end-of-the-line packaging products and services.

Our comprehensive inventory includes quality shrink wrap film available in a wide assortment of materials that suit the specific needs of our customers.

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Shrink wrap films are mainly produced in two different materials and serve a variety of packaging needs across multiple industries including manufacturing and food businesses.

Polyolefin (POF) Films
Films manufactured from Polyolefin are lightweight, puncture-resistant and features a strong sealing strength. POF films are suitable for binding multiple items together in forming attractive and secured value packs for retail promotions.

Polyethylene (PE) Films
PE films are thick and durable protective packaging usually applied in the shrink bundling of heavy or bulky items such as drink cartons and boat parts in the marine industry.

Shrink wrap films are manufactured from recyclable materials that provide added protection during the transportation and handling of items.


HMLY Pte Ltd carries over twenty years of experience in packaging. We have offered our reliable services towards satisfying the specific needs of a large array of clients from major brands.

Our comprehensive shrink wrap services include pouch packaging and cellophane wrap options that are fitted to your expectations.

Quality Standards
We are ISO-certified through delivering quality services. Our packaging processes are constantly monitored and updated by experts according to the latest industrial standards that offer the best value to our customers.

Industrial Expert
Our seasoned team is trained in all aspects of the packaging operation through over two decades of experience working with leading brands in various industries. We have the expertise to solve all your packaging needs.

Value-added Services
We go the extra mile to provide creative services that improve the branding of your products. From printing to contract labelling, we cover all aspects of packaging in boosting marketing efforts.

At HMLY Pte Ltd, we take the packaging process to the next level.