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Shrink Wrap Roll

Since its founding in 1993, HMLY Pte Ltd has stayed true to its role as a leading expert in offering packaging services of the highest quality.

We use the finest supply of shrink wrap roll that are guaranteed to keep your products protected and secured.

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Rolls of shrink wrap are coated onto products through heating, which results in an effective packaging method with a wide range of benefits.

Tamper Prevention
Shrink wrapping deters attempts of foul play during the transportation and handling of products like medicine and foodstuff as tampered plastic wraps are noticeable through creases and punctures.

Keeps in Freshness
Shrink wrapping helps to preserve the freshness of edible items during transportation and extends shelf life. This is a process commonly applied in the food storage industries.

Saves Storage
Products are secured without the need for bulky containers such as boxes or crates. Shrink wraps are thin and occupy little space while effectively binding multiple items together.


HMLY Pte Ltd has provided its valued services for over two decades in the packaging industry. Our formidable experience working with clients from big brands has prepared us towards fulfilling any packaging requirement.  Our comprehensive services include shrink wrap and pouch packaging processes based on the latest industrial technology.

Quality Standards
We are ISO-certified through delivering quality services. Our packaging processes are being constantly monitored and updated by experts according to the latest industrial standards that offer the best value to our customers.

Industrial Expert
Our experienced team is trained in all aspects of the packaging process through over twenty years of experience collaborating with leading brands in various industries. We have the expertise to solve all your packaging needs.

Value-added Services
We go the extra mile in providing added services that improve the branding of your products. From printing to contract labelling, we cover all aspects of packaging towards boosting marketing efforts.

HMLY Pte Ltd is an expert solutions-provider guaranteed to fulfil your packaging requirements.