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Stand Up Pouch

HMLY Pte Ltd specialises in a range of quality packaging products, one of which is a classic favourite amongst trendy consumers: the stand up pouch. As the name implies, stand up pouches are packaging pouches that literally stand up on their own. Apart from the strong retail shelving opportunities that they offer, they’re also ideal to house both dry and wet products, from nuts and grains to fruit juices.


Gussets, Ziplocs and Other Functional Choices
Depending on what your product is, there may be things that you require your stand up pouches to have where functionality is concerned. You’ve got the freedom to choose between side and bottom gussets, hanging holes on the top of your pouches, handles, aroma protection valves, and even degassing valves which may come in handy — say, if you’re looking to package coffee. Not to mention, there are plenty more things that you can customise to get the perfect stand up pouch with HMLY!

Protection and Feel with Varying Materials
At HMLY, you can purchase stand up pouches that warrant your imagination and respect your brand. Be spoilt for choice with our options that can look like multi-coloured paper, plastic, or metal. Think shiny, glossy, and loud, or think simplistic, natural colours with a matte finish. Are those not quite your options? Shake up the combinations, or think transparent, and then put your logo on that! Most of the design specifications that you can conceptualise are well within our capabilities.

Highlight Your Product with Display Windows
There’s nothing a consumer wants more than to know how your product actually looks. Not only does this help save on expensive product photography, it also instills confidence in your product, giving it an edge over other completely packaged products on shelves. To add to that, these plastic display windows also maximise the design potential of your packaging, depending on what your product is. You’ve got the chance to choose between many shapes, from circles to classy full-widths. No more hiding your product in enclosed packaging!

Stand Up Pouches with Your Very Own Edge

There’s almost no stand up pouch you want that the team at HMLY won’t stand for. With our dedication to quality customised service, you can be assured that you’ll find the exact pouch option you want in speedy time.

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